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A fun day was had by all at our Gel Plate Printing Workshop!

We had a Gel Plate Printing Workshop on Monday 19th February and it was a great success!

Look out for future events on our calendar....

Members and guests of the group had a very enjoyable session printing with gel plates today, when we attended a workshop led by member Fiona Edmondson.

While some of us had tried this before, mainly with acrylic paint, all found it really useful to be taken through the process step by step and then have the opportunity to use a range of printing ink colours and also to make our own collagraph materials or borrow items from the vast amount Fiona brought in.

After the lunch break we went round looking at each other's prints, and it was fascinating how everyone had different ways of working with the materials and colour. The layering of ink colours created subtle effects which meant even prints considered unsuccessful by the maker had areas of great interest.

Many thanks to Fiona for a great day!

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