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  • Sandra Cowper

First Show and Tell Session of 2024

The Redbrick Artists group has regular get togethers, usually once a month, where we will talk about our work. We call these sessions Show and Tell/Feedback/Critique sessions, which is pretty self explanatory!

These sessions are always light hearted and constructive and can help us move forward with our creativity.

Monday, February 5th 2024

We kicked off with a comfortable chatty group of seven of us, four of whom had brought in work to discuss.

Catherine, David and Jane were looking for appraisal and practical suggestions. As can be seen from the photos each artist's style is different from the other, yet the discussion reveals that we all have a common sense of aesthetic, composition, balance and colour. We considered horizon lines, colour balance and shapes in Catherine's abstract landscapes, then veered towards movement and visual clues in the mark making and colour in David's "Four Seasons". The importance of the dynamics created by the line work was acknowledged by all.

Jane's beautiful single painting of three figures was so responsively open to interpretation, not only including political and social problems in the 21st Century, but also as pensive figures on Jane's favourite water's edge. The unique narrative semi abstract style was thought to be a hair's breadth from being complete.

Towards the end, Sumi and Catherine described their innovative venture of making collaborative works. A joint endeavour to produce artworks passed to and fro between them, which they each add to following prompts such as "five lines" or "disrupt" or "contrast colour", and so on. This gave us much food for thought for future projects.

A valuable session either as an observer or contributor, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

Sandra Cowper - Redbrick Artist group member

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