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  • Sandra Cowper

Featured Artist: LESLEY SMITHERS

Untitled, Oil on Board

Lesley cannot remember a time when she wasn’t creating drawings and making paintings. Visual art is an important part of who she is and over the last twelve years in particular her art has moved towards a more abstract style. Rather than actual objects, “the spaces in between things” are what Lesley notices and which form the starting point for her works. 


Lesley’s medium of choice is oil paint which she explores and experiments with to discover the extent of its versatility. Her regular methods, materials and processes include cutting her own stencils, collage, thinned oil paints, building up many transparent overlapping layers, dry brush work over wet paint, scrubbing back to reveal a past layer then adding shapes and layers again often leading to ethereal effects.


These methods have contributed to Lesley’s own unique and distinctive style with its muted palette, sense of space and place, with an indication of a landscape suggested by using an almost imperceptible horizon line.


A truly unique artist.

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