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Uncertainty + Diversity = PAINTING TODAY


Sat 19 January - Sun 3 February 2018

opening times

  10:00am to 5:00pm every day, however the Crossley Gallery is occasionally closed for special events, please check with reception on 01422 250250 for more information.

The Artists of Redbrick Mill under the guidance of Tom Wood have been invited to create a work of their own choosing on a metre square surface. No limits were put on subject or materials. The work might be a summation of previous works or the springboard for further work, either way it marks a significant point in each artist's progress and as such this exhibition is a  record of that moment.


This exhibition of work uses a wide range of media and at the heart of it is a challenge. The challenge is to confront a chosen subject on a metre square surface and to invest that subject with authenticity and passion. To engage with the diversity of expression evident today replete with all its uncertainties, cynicism and doubt and in that challenge find a form of truth. Discover a veracity of meaning that is both aware and brave, not a timid, apologetic form but a kind of painting that is direct even bold. It is a form of painting not born of ignorance but of confidence, of hope, painting as a necessary tool, a heavy anchor when the centre creaks.

These paintings are a yell of hope, a cry of celebration but most importantly they are an adroit coaxing of a dumb material into loud proud eloquence, uncertainty plus diversity is most certainly Painting Today.

The Exhibition has now closed

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