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Uncertainty + Diversity = PAINTING TODAY


Sat 19 January - Sun 3 February 2018

The exhibition closed on Sunday 3rd February after running for 2 weeks.  This is the first exhibition by the artists of Redbrick Mill, and it can only be described as a overwhelming success, exceeding our expectations!  We had visitors from North, South and West Yorkshire, and also some from as far away as Cheshire, London, and Aylesbury.  We would like to thank everybody who came to see our work.  Watch this space for news of what will come next……..


In the meantime, here are some testimonials left by some of the visitors to the exhibition in our visitors book:


* Most impressed!  As it said on the tin there’s much diversity here, but it’s been so well curated that I can see themes and similarities that make the whole show ‘hang’ together - forgive the pun.  Stimulating and exciting afternoon.  Thank you to all.


* Wonderful exhibition, loved it in fact!


* Very inspiring and enjoyable.


* Wonderful exhibition - inspirational.


* Great work!  What a variety - glad we came.


* This is fab.  Well done all.  Great sense of the whole group, thanks.


* What a fantastic experience to see such impressive work all hung together and an achievement on every level.  Made me very happy and moved.  Look forward to the next one.


* Excellent!  So vibrant and interesting.  Really enjoyed looking - a feast for the eyes!


* Wow!  Lovely range and variety.  Will return to see my favourites again.


* A wonderful, diversified exhibition in recent years I have not seen.


* Gives lots of ideas to think about.  Especially appreciate colours!


* Very inspiring!  One of the best exhibitions - lovely and varied styles!


* Fantastic exhibition - wish it was on for longer….


* Bravo!  Exceptional work.


* So glad we came, thank you.

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