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I work in several different mediums including acrylic paint, oil paint, collage, ink, wax crayon, pastel and charcoal.


Acrylic paint can be mixed to a very liquid consistency and I like to pour colours without too much control onto unprimed thick card.This lets them find their own saturation and form. Layers can be added at intervals, marks are made in crayon and inks may be also mingled with wet paint or resisted by wax. 


My works in oils progress at a much slower pace usually with several paintings on canvases at the same time. I try to achieve layers of transparency using stencils and shapes and bringing collage, crayons and charcoal into the mix. The longer drying time between layers forces a slower pace where I explore how shapes and forms interact with each other and make a statement  on the canvas in different ways.  

UNFATHOMABLE oil paint and wax crayon on canvas SANDRA.jfif


oil paint and wax crayon on canvas

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