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I am a retired doctor. I have drawn, painted and occasionally sculpted all my life, though pressures of work and family have often limited the time available to pursue my art. Since retiring, the time for this has expanded and joining the Redbrick Art Academy has been the most influential stimulus to develop skills and to explore new techniques. The environment at the Academy stimulates, informs and encourages development. The work of other artists there and the wisdom of Tom Wood play a major part. In the past few years I have explored a variety of abstract techniques whilst also trying to enhance my figurative skills through portraiture and landscape. Though seeming very different I believe these are complementary, both requiring deliberation and precision in mark making and colour choices. I am inspired by the natural world in all its forms, from the interaction of sub-atomic particles to the majesty of landscape and the forms within. I see a close relationship between literal form and abstraction, each leading to the other by different paths. My aspiration is to be bolder and freer while maintaining discipline and to raise the quality of my work.


oil on canvas

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