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  • Vivien Hughes

'Summer' Plein Air at Savile Town Wharf, Dewsbury

This was the first of 2 plein air sessions planned for the summer, however Summer decided to take a day off!

A few of the Redbrick Artists group went to the canal by Leggers Inn, Dewsbury today, for a plein air sketching session. The original plan was to sketch for a while, have lunch at the pub, and continue sketching a while after lunch.

Fate, in the form of the weather this chilly June, caused a rethink. We thought we might last an hour, but once settled in our various positions we probably worked for 45 minutes before drops of rain and the cold wind sent us to search for lunch, only to discover no food at the Inn. Back to the town centre for the Turkish café it was, and then to work in the studio.

If summer ever arrives, let's hope we have better luck for the next plein air session in August!

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