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Born in Holmfirth and presently living in Huddersfield , my family have a long history of farming the local landscape. Their livelihood relied on a deep and intimate understanding of the land, seasons  and the weather conditions.

In my own work I also feel a similar connection when I depict the captivating Yorkshire moorland with its constantly changing light and large dramatic skies. These Pennine spaces with their ancient pathways and hidden sacred places , revered by our ancestors, are the source and inspiration of much of my work.

Originally I studied drawing and the traditions of oil painting however my time at the Art Academy has introduced me to a broader range of techniques including those a little less conventional.

Working within a group of artists has been both stimulating and challenging ,naturally my work has grown and this I hope ,is just the beginning.

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FAIRY POOLS oil on canvas JACKY.jfif


oil on canvas

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