A lifetime as a surveyor has given me an intimate knowledge and appreciation of the natural landscape. However, it never occurred to me to try to express this love creatively - it was just the way it was!

Following a number of chance encounters I now find myself through a gate I didn’t know was there and into the joyous wide world of ‘art’. My seemingly clumsy attempts to put onto paper or canvas appear to be considered‘ serious art’. I recount this only in the hope of encouraging others to have the courage to do the same.

In my case the key to the gate was the artist Tom Wood who has helped innumerable people to realise their vision. With Tom’s guidance I am now working on (and off) canvases large and small. I thoroughly enjoy every minute and can sometimes hardly believe what I am producing. I hope this give others the impetus to just ‘ jump in’. It’s so worth it!


For myself I continue to focus on bringing into being what I feel when I’m where I love to be - in the landscape.


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mixed media on paper

mixed media on paper
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