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'After many years of working I now find myself with the time to explore and develop my interests in Art. After numerous experiments and explorations of alternatives both in media and methods,I now enjoy enjoy working with figurative imagery that is simplified, processed and then expressed using textures and layers of paint. The images are both portraits and an expression of my interest in the natural world.


Much of what I use to create the painting's surfaces is collected from my allotment, these include dead headed flowers, trimmed branches, fallen leaves and any other detritus that looks interesting. I hope this combination of the micro and the macro gives my work interest in just the same way a gardener is aware of the whole plot but is equally concerned about each individual plant. I also use my previous training in design to create balance and harmony through unusual patterns, colour and texture.

My time at the Art Academy at Redbrick Mill has enabled me to grow as an artist giving me confidence and skills that I hope will enable me to develop my passion for Art even further'.

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mixed media on canvas

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