I was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire in 1955. I attended Cardinal Hinsley Grammar School, Bradford. After leaving school I worked in the wool textile industry before joining West Yorkshire Metropolitan Police in 1979. I served as police officer and latterly as a member of the Police Support Staff.


Retirement in 2015 provided me with the opportunity to pursue art full-time.


Making art presents the opportunity to me express myself and it forces me to look carefully at the world around me, not only the natural beauty but also the abstract and even the ugly.


I have experimented in a wide variety of subjects and mediums and each medium throws up its own challenges. Over the last few months I have concentrated almost exclusively on producing digital art. I have always enjoyed technology and recent technological advances in computer systems have put real digital art within reach of the nonprofessional. My main tool is the Apple iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil and is technology allows the artist to not only ‘draw and paint’ on the computer screen but also to manipulate these pictures and photographs into the completed work that can then be printed.


Of course, I am well aware that many traditional artists do not consider digital art to be ‘real art’ but I have found it not too dissimilar to traditional methods. Like traditional painting, considerations have to be made. Composition and colour are just as important in digital art as they are in traditional painting. I find myself continually making decisions as each work progresses. I cannot deny that it is much easier to change things, move items around, correct mistakes and indeed delete things in the works that are not pleasing. I have no doubts that this can only be advantageous, allowing me to work reasonably quickly and with less frustration.


From a practical point of view, working digitally requires no studio space and none of the usual artists paraphernalia. Digital art is simply just another means of producing images.


I like images that have a narrative. I like quirky, bizarre and ‘otherworldliness’. I am a fan of surrealism and I would cite artists like Dali and Magritte amongst my favorite painters. Being a teenager in the 1970’s it was hard to avoid the artwork of Roger Dean as it appeared on many of the iconic music album covers of the day and he remains a major influence on my work.

Dennis 4_CELTIC CHIEFTAIN_digital_copy.j


digital print on canvas

digital image
digital image
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